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Japan is a country that is literally surrounded by the ocean in every direction. Moreover, it can be said that logistics plays an extremely critical role in our everyday economic activities. The Nishiyoshi Group was founded in the Port of Osaka in the 5th year of the Taishō period (1916) by its founder Yoshimatsu Nishida. Adapting to the changing times, we have continued to grow as a company throughout the years, and at present day, we provide general port transportation services, transportation services that make use of foreign-bound vessels, customs brokerage services, general cargo and automobile transportation, and warehouse management services.

In this drastically changing society, Nishiyoshi Logistics Co., Ltd. strives to overcome any issues or challenges that may arise in order to satisfy the needs of the current era, and we will contribute to society by providing highly reliable logistical services, as we continue to grow in unison with our customers.

Furthermore, we believe that it is most critical to create a workplace in which we can foster the motivation, spirit, courage, human connections, and kindness of each and every one of our employees, so that they can further enhance their human qualities through the work they perform.

We eagerly look forward to your future support and patronage.


Management Philosophy

In conjunction with enabling our employees to achieve happiness in both mind and spirit, we contribute to greater society by providing highly reliable logistical services.

Company Motto

Awareness comes only through practice.

This principle was conceived by Wang Yangming of Ming dynasty China, and it means that knowledge and action are not separate, and that true understanding is always accompanied by practice.
[This concept posits that true wisdom (knowledge and understanding) is always accompanied by action (actual performance and behavior), and it is impossible to separate them (knowledge and behavior).]

International Multimodal Transportation Services

Here at Nishiyoshi Logistics Co., Ltd. we provide freight forwarder services for the transportation of international marine cargo.
We also offer services that encompass everything from preparing transportation vessels, as well as handling marine transportation between shipping locations, overseas customs related procedures, local transportation at overseas destinations, and overseas installation and storage, among other various services we offer.
Through our export, import, and three country cross transport services we provide our customers with access to our global network that truly stretches throughout the world, and by doing so we hope to enable our customers to achieve even higher levels of logistical efficiency.
In recent years, we have seen year-by-year increases in logistical work geared toward China and Asia. Additionally, aside from the Kansai region (western Japan), in which our company is based, we have also been focusing our efforts on developing our connections in Okinawa.
We are ready to respond to all types of requests for consultations and we await your inquiries.

Overseas official partnership list

    LS Logistics CO.,LTD.
    Shanghai Translead Int’ Freight Ltd
    New Century Consolidation (NCC), Inc.
    NCS Line World Wide
    Freightaz (Cambodia) CO.,LTD.
    Coop Freight Logistics Ltd. - Taipei office
    DN Agencies Sdn Bhd
    Proud Sky CO.,LTD.

Customs Brokerage Services

Here at Nishiyoshi Logistics Co., Ltd.we provide in-house customs brokerage services.
Our services are built on the foundation of providing our customers with transportation that is both speedy and carried out under the appropriate customs procedures, and on top of this, we also support our customers by working together with them from the very initial business concept stage. We are ready to respond to all types of requests for consultations and we await your inquiries.

Port Transport Services and Warehouse Management Services

Here at Nishiyoshi Logistics Co., Ltd. we provide services such as temporary warehousing of cargo, storage services, and ship loading services for export and import.
We currently possess 2 cargo storage sites located in the Nanko area in the Port of Osaka that measure a total of 16,000㎡.
Although the main products we specialize in storing include wood products, building materials, machine related goods, pianos, and furniture, etc., we are capable of handling requests for all types of products. We are ready to respond to all types of requests for consultations and we await your inquiries.

  • SHIKITSU WAREHOUSE No.1 1,567㎡ / No.2 1,567㎡
    No.7 1,815㎡ / No.8 1,815㎡ / No.9 1,980㎡
    Root warehouse 3600㎡
    (real estate rental business)
  • Head office warehouse and parking lot 1,650㎡
    (real estate rental business)

Transportation Services

For the transportation services we provide, we are capable of preparing various modes of cargo transportation including everything from trailers for heavy goods to marine containers, as well as trucks with increased tonnage, 4-ton trucks, and modal mix shipment. In recent years, we have been focusing our attention toward achieving CO2 reductions through modal shift efforts, through the usage of shipping ferries, etc., and we aim to contribute to society through these activities.
In regards to transportation, we believe that we are on the cusp of a revolutionary era on a number of different fronts. Transportation is indeed a vital form of social infrastructure. We will strive to accommodate the needs of our customers by placing safety and peace of mind as our top priorities, and we are eager to respond to all types of requests for consultations and inquiries.


Here at Nishiyoshi Logistics Co., Ltd. we provide services that can accommodate a variety of different logistical needs, such as customs brokerage, transportation, storage, inspections, and installation services, etc., in the Philippines.
More specifically, we offer warehousing, transportation, customs brokerage, and freight forwarder services at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. If you have any interests, consultation matters, or are dealing with any issues related to the Philippines, we are willing to work together with you to reach a solution. We are ready to respond to all types of requests for consultations and we await your inquiries.